davisco whey protein bodybuilding

davisco whey protein bodybuilding

davisco whey protein bodybuilding is the one of the most popular brands in international cheese and food ingredients company. they process 11 million pounds of milk in a day into cheese and whey product.But in India is known for the raw whey protein and one of the cheapest whey protein brand and it’s very popular among the young guys and the fitness enthusiasts who use protein on regular basis.

There are lots of protein brand in the market from Indian to imported but davisco is the only one at this price point with the international quality standards of whey protein.davisco whey protein bodybuilding

davisco whey protein is made by an internationally famous brand davisco foods international Inc. The USA.
they supply raw whey to lots of another big player of supplements industry also.


so u can think the quality of their products.
but the negative thing is that it’s come in the raw form which is hard to digest but dot worry in India the supplier add the digestive enzymes.

People who don’t want to spend much on their protein box because they also have to manage the money for other supplements like bcaa, glutamine, creatine weight gainer also. I personally use this whey protein amoung with my other stack ad diet and believe me it’s amazing.
Yes, davisco whey protein really delivers the good results. If you know about the nutritional need of your body.JUst be strict and consistent with your diet to see the results.

davisco whey protein packaging size and storage

let’s talk about the packaging and the size it’s available I am giving you the official pdf link to the davisco foods site and here is the actual size is the 50 lbs bag which is officially imported from the USA. But for the content, it is packed in the1kg packets of whey protein concentrate 80%.

davisco whey protein bodybuilding

Nutrient and AA Sheet – WPC 80

wpc 80(davisco whey protein bodybuilding )

Basically, its known as wpc 80 (whey protein concentrate 80%)
we have the other variants also from the davisco like davisco whey protein isolate which has the 95% of whey protein content.
I have uploaded the ingredients and the content amount it has all the essential like BCAA and glutamine as u can see the pic form the official website of the davisco whey protein.


read here about the whey protein

Serving size

davisco whey protein gives 24 grams of whey protein in 1 serving(scoop size is 30grams approx) where you can take it with water or with the milk as well. You should take at least 2 scoops a day with proper diet to see the change in the body I personally experienced in 2 months of usage.

Taste and flavours available:

It comes in the unflavoured as you understand the name that is raw whey protein right! but it has the flavours also the sellers sell this with added enzymes and different flavours .which is not hard to make u can also add flavors in raw they easily. so which flavours we have and which are the best?
Answer – I have tried the following:

  • chocolate
  • strawberry
  • vanilla,
  • cookie and cream,
  • American delight
  • brownie,
  • cafe mocha,
  • butterscotch
  • banana
  • badam pasta etc.taste of davisco whey protein is really good as per my experience because my one is original/real/genuine/legit/authentic as buying the big bag of 50 lbs and then distribute them among my friends and networks at a very good price point.

davisco whey protein price

this is the main thing when it comes about the davisco whey protein price and authenticity lots of big name in India are selling the1kg (2 lbs) pack of davisco whey protein at rs.1300-1500-1600approx for the unflavoured and 100-200 difference between flavoured and unflavoured whey protein concentrate.
But for then davisco whey protein isolate the price is higher for 1kg rs. 1800-2000.

HERE the catch is that it will depend on the seller for the prices and I have seen digestion problem with the famous sellers because they add more milk powder and reduce the quantity of protein from these pack this is how they offer the cheap price for you.
so I do not want yourself to be scammed and fooled you can drop me a mail I will deliver the davisco products or other supplements to you all over India.

davisco whey protein review

so the final review from my side for davisco whey protein bodybuilding is that I use it most of the times of my workout days and in between my meals for the better results.

wpc80 went well with me.

If I talk about the price it’s cheap and affordable anyone to use mostly for the student and professionals those have a very hectic schedule and those are unable to complete┬átheir diet like me it is REALLLLLLY awesome. you must give a try to it. (buy genuine davisco whey protein only).
taste is pretty much good no digestion problem occurs if u buy authentic and enzyme added wpc 80.

Serving size is very good as compare to the price.

Mixability is also very good with water and with milk you have to shake the shaker ­čśë only shaker right.
price is very cheap and affordable.
if you don’t want much to spend on protein.
(if   have more money go for other brands I will share soon)
Davisco hey protein bodybuilding or for fitness enthusiast it’s very

the good source to get complete your daily requirement of protein.

so if you have any doubt regarding this or want to buy davisco whey

protein concentrate /wpc80/ isolate contact me or comment below

mail me: bharatofficial1@gmail.com


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