best hair wax for men in india

best hair wax for men in India

Here is the list of all the products which I personally recommend to you all the best hair wax for men in India, there are very limited products available for the hairs and especially for the hair care and style as compared to the other country like U.S. AND U.K. or other. All the products I am mentioning below are the pocket and budget-friendly I hope you will get to know about the use and the price and what suit you better for your hairs as well.I and my friends used almost every products mentioned below so can provide you much better information and application of these products.

Schwarzkopf Professional Taft Power Wax Hair Styler 75 m

best hair wax for men in India

This is a nice product from the company this is too sticky on the hand but it is very nice on the hairs works very good on the hairs with a perfect styling.I think after the use of this product of the long one month this is a very nice product that’s why I mentioned this product in my blog of best hair wax for men in India.

is easily available in the medical and cosmetics stores.if you want to buy it you can buy from the Amazon also.

but the price is medium with a high-quality product. MRP is rs.650 approx on amazon but uh can also buy it in rs.620 in stores.

BEARDO Hair Wax, Strong Hold, 75best hair wax for men in India life2fitness


BEARDO Hair Wax for men, is an Indian brand with a good quality product developed by them

contain very good ingredients with no harm to our scalp and hairs with some natural ingredients like aqua acrylates copolymer carbomer glycerin pvk-30 peg40 hydrogenated castor oil cetearth polysorbate-20 peg-8 beeswax Slovenia extract dmdh.

they are saying that its a strong hold product but its not. A okie kind of product withhold of 3-5hrs.As per its price point of view rs.250-270 on Amazon.Its a nice product must give a try. buy on Amazon click here 

Schwarzkopf OSIS+ 2 Mess Up Matte Paste 100ml

best hair wax for men in India


Schwarzkopf OSIS+ 2 Mess Up Matte Paste hair wax in india is one of my favourate product among the hair wax bcz of the high end quality of this product.This is a premium quality product but not value for money bcz its price are much higher then the normal hair wax which are their in the market and in 2018 the best hair wax for men, i think this one should be the candidate of best hair wax for men in India.

the paste qualilty is gud and dont stick to hand and the hold is amazing with approx 6-7 hrs.

the price for Schwarzkopf OSIS+ 2 Mess Up Matte Paste 100ml is rs. 650-700 on flipkart and amazon.


Gatsby Moving Rubber wax, 80gbest hair wax for men in India


Gatsby Moving Rubber is actually best hair wax for men in India in 2018, I don’t recommend getsby hair waxes to anyone but this is an awesome product by the gatsby with a good matte finish of the control and hold and shine too.

this hair wax for men is awesome

Moving rubber for more flexible and restylable hairstyle

  • Casual matte
  • Contains smooth polymer for a less sticky and light finish.
  • but contain chemicals too.

As per the price point, it is of rs.400-650 may vary on the hair and styling type of yours hairs so it can be best hair wax for men in India.

L’Oreal Paris DEVIATION PASTE (playball) 100ml

best hair wax for men in India
best hair wax for men in India loreal playball
This product is now available with the new name of the L’Oreal Paris techni art DEVIATION is one of the viral hair wax among the user and hairstyler.L’Oreal is the well-known brand in the grooming products for the various category.
 this product I having an awesome hold and easily removable from the hairs with 1wash of shampoo.
so hold is 5 out of 5 for this and the price is Rs. 750-780 little bit higher than their competitors but its really amazing.

USTRAA Hair Styling Wax – 100gbest hair wax for men in India

Ustraa hair wax for men 2018, is an Indian brand with the lots of men’s grooming products for men and hair wax for men in 2018, their products are widely promoted on the social media but the wax is not as per my expectations.but its a pretty much reasonable at the price point of view thats i have written about thats in my blog of best hair wax for men in India .Its very sticky and gel type of texture which we can’t use in the summer.but if uh don’t require strong hold wax uh can buy it and prices are very reasonable and pocket-friendly for our Indian youths that is just rs. 300.




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