androlic tablets price in india

androlic tablets price in india

androlic tablets price in india

hey guys in this post I will tell you about the various use and the functioning of the androlic tablets and androlic tablets price in india as you know on a different store or online platform we have a different price for the supplements and the steroids. But I am here to tell you the real price of the androlic tablets and more information related to for the different brands like

  •  British Dispensary
  •  GainzLab
  •  British Dragon
  •  ElitePharm
  •  Meditech
  •  Alpha Pharma
  •  Black Dragon
  •  EuroChem
  •  Genesis labs
  •  Thaiger Pharma

so it vary from around starting from Rs. 2800-4000rs for the 100 tablets of the androlic tablets.

meditech anadrol 50 price in india

just guys be aware of the copy and fake products of the Meditech brand. There are lots of fake products into the market of steroids also.i will also write a blog telling about how to identify fake steroid products into the market for the meditech anadrol 50 price in india is about Rs. 3000 to 3200 for the genuine product.




androlic tablets price in india

What is anadrol 50 or anadrolic 50?

Also known by it’s the scientific name of Oxymetholone, Anadrol is the most effective oral steroid commercially available. .More size and strength gains than any other oral steroid. Exceptional at building up red blood cell levels, its approved use is for combating anemia. It is a borderline androgen, converts to both DHT and estrogen easily and is the second most liver toxic oral steroid.

the main purpose of using Anadrol for bulking and size, strength gains. (basically, u can say it works like Dianabol and it is baap of Dianabol with heavy dosage and more ).this below as you are watching androlic tablets price in india is about  2700-2850 inr.

androlic tablets price in india




Others with an iron deficiency who have not responded to other treatments may also receive a prescription for this drug.

By increasing the red blood cell count in the body, someone suffering from these conditions gains the ability to properly clot after a cut and also see an improvement in oxygen flow throughout the body.






  • For bodybuilding purposes, the boost in red blood cells makes it possible to repair damaged muscle tissue after lif ting quickly.
  • The solid boost of oxygen and red blood cells helps repair the damaged muscle tissue far beyond the traditional recovery process, allowing any bodybuilder to bulk up to sizes after taking typically not attainable by normal means.

anadrol cycle how to stack it?

The standard beginning Anadrol 50 cycle is a 6-week cycle while the intermediate takes the Anadrol 50 cycle for 10-12 weeks(as per my sources).

Throughout the entire cycle, Testosterone should be taken once a week and for the first six weeks, the individual should take 25mg a day of Anadrol and after 3rd week the can take the 50 per day after meals, for the best absorption.

anadrol side effects

YES, Anadrol 50 is the second most liver toxic oral steroid.

It can cause baldness, gynecomastia, high blood pressure, and nausea. Men become
more sensitive to its side effects as they age.

  • Baldness
  • Suppress natural testosterone production.
  • Mood swing
  • very toxic to liver and kidney.
  • Gynecomastia(male boobs).

PCT For Anadrol 50 cycle?

If you want to know that what is PCT?

click the link: PCT  and scroll down.

  • Basically, in the Anadrol cycle, the pct is very importantly bcz of its androgenic nature. So,3-4 weeks of pct are required to let the gains stay. In this, u can use Nolvadex, Clomid, tamoxifen, and most important to use HCG in last weeks of pct to get back ur test level on the these are the  Anadrol side effects.

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