how to increase weight in 1 month

how to increase weight in 1 month

If you want to know how to increase weight in 1 month. You need to understand the basics of not gaining weight. Most of the people think that they are eating enough but not gaining the weight. If you are also that type of guy then read the full blog till the last. There are a very simple process of GAINING WEIGHT.which has lots of things to see if you are a fitness freak or a normal person.


Here you need more and more calories for the weight gain by this what happens is that your body start burning calories when you are into the gym but you are high in calories so the body cannot burn more as compare to our intake. For that, you need to eat high calories food and measure or track your food calories ( how much is your body required). So according to that just starting eating more and more food.

how to increase weight in 1 month

My funda for the calories intake is to just double what you eat (it works for few people). When gaining weight just add 400-600 calories to your normal diet you will get the results soon. Here is the small tip for weight gain is that, while buying food look for more high calories labels food.

In the starting, it will difficult to manage your routine or eating pattern but believe me it pays off in the end.

Weight gain takes approx 3-4 weeks to see the boosted energy and weight of your body. You have to be consistent with your habit of eating more high calories food. With the time it will become your habit of eating more food and boom you have your weight on your body. You start listening to everyone about your health and getting positive feedbacks.


  1. To make it easy for you here is the golden tip which is dividing your meals into 6 small meals and eating them at a different time of your scheduled day (in this blog how to increase weight in 1 month).
  2. whether you are a working professional for a student it is the best way to get your body full all the time and not letting the body into the catabolic state.
  3. so its important to through away your craving by eating more by which body will remain in the anabolic state (to make sure you are getting enough good carbohydrate and protein throughout the day.)


there is a very simple rule for the protein intake for the body. if you want to grow your body your muscles then you have to consume 1g of protein per pound of body weight per day.

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for example if your 70kg guy then protein intake must be approx 140-145 gram per day.

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weight gaining and muscles gaining both are different right so in weight gaining calories play a very important role I hope you are getting me.

how to increase weight in 1 month


Its basically the timing of your day start with the 1 meal to the last meal so as to increase your eating window by waking up early and having your first meal (breakfast). There are people who just eat very less throughout the day like just 2-3 meals in their eating window which is of very fewer hours. So to increase the same you need more meals and plan them according to your schedule of the day. just make you don’t be full all the time have a gap of minimum 2hours between them.




how to increase weight in 1 month

  • we have to take more liquid food for the good digestion because it’s very important to digest what we are eating throughout the day.
  • it’s very important to digest it properly. start taking food in liquid form by breaking down them by blending machine.
  • it will help our digestion to break down very quickly for the body.
  • food for the blending are oats, banana, nuts, whey protein with milk or juice.



how to increase weight in 1 monthLIFT HEAVYWEIGHT IN GYM

Lifting helps our body to increase our body appetite. Heavyweight helps us to increase our body muscle tissue to break down and after the recovery, we have to break down more tissues to build new also.lifting also help us to give direction to our food.

REST for the body growth

you must have seen this line before that body don’t make in gym its made outside yes this is the truth that a body need rest to recover from the tears in the muscles and repair. so our body needs proper rest for the good recovery so 8-9 hours good sleep is very important to recover our body.

so I hope its a good knowledgeable blog from my side share this with your friends and family member.

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