basic gym workout for beginners

basic gym workout for beginners

hey, guys as per my experience in the workout and in gym lifestyle I came cross the things for the beginners so here is the basic gym workout for beginners. This is the workout which should do by you when just enter the gym or you starting your fitness journey.

a newbie should exercise with the complete warm-up of the body because what will happen if we just start the training the body part of muscle group we will have lots of pain and maybe swelling into the muscle part of the body so it’s important to start slow and reach step by step to our destination. Do correct me if I am wrong in the comment section.

So, for the great start build a stamina by free exercise and workout. Then we are ready to jump off to the exercise machine and here you need to start with the warm-up and then go for the mix-exercise sets.

what is Warm up exercise?

These are required to warm up the bodies every muscle, they should be alert that be ready you are going to have pain and stress on the muscle so we make the alert. So that injuries can be avoided.

How to start warming up on the 1st day of the gym?

You can start with the basic exercise of the push-up and chin ups.

You can also do the running on tread mile.
Very important to do stretching to avoid injuries.

So, like that just work out for the few mins(15-20) and then jump to the mix exercises of chest back biceps shoulder triceps and legs very important.

CONTINUE this for the few weeks like do 4-5 exercise each day. When you feel like you are having the good stamina then stop mix exercise and start doing the proper sets of the exercise muscle groups or body part.

DAY 1: Chest exercise.

what do in chest exercise as a beginner?

The answer is very simple just start with bench press rod
don’t put weight in that just 10-12 reps of the simple rod.
just do 2sets if you are skinny otherwise 3 sets.

next chest exercise is incline bench press same as above.
don’t put weight in that just 10-12 reps with the simple rod.
just do 2sets if you are skinny otherwise 3 sets but make sure about your movements.

I will write the blog soon on the movement of reps in a different blog.

after the incline bench chest exerise do the 2 sets of the flat fly or the peck deck fly machine.

that’s enough for the chest part for basic gym workout for beginners.

DAY2: the exercise of the shoulder.

You must be thinking why shoulder there are other exercises as well but guys as per my study and experiments on myself chest and shoulder muscle are connected with each other in the upper body part so it is important to boost upper body first. as you can see below in the image:

basic gym workout for beginners

that’s enough for the day.

on the next day,

DAY3: biceps basic exercise

we can start with the basic warm-up exercise like empty rod curling.when u feel a good pump in muscle go for following:-

1) biceps rod curl 2-3 sets with 10-12 reps.
2) dumble curl with light weights
3) hammer curl with correct moment posture.
its good to combine biceps the triceps to overall pump the arms and open up the muscles.

so next is triceps exercise start

With the pushdown pully
after that overhead hammer triceps exercise.
we have next is bench dips and bar dips these are a little bit harder exercise as a beginner but you will be familiars with those with time.

DAY 4: off happy

next day you can take off/rest because the body needs to repair and recover the muscles.

DAY 5: Back exercise

On the next day, we have to combine the shoulder with the back here we go with back blaster exercises. Here is the catch that on back day do lots of chin-ups for the pump and blood flow into the back muscles.

 basic gym workout for beginners

  • The back exercises 2-3 sets of each with 10-12reps as a beginner.
    1)warm up and chin ups.
    2)front lats pull down
    3)dumbbell rowing or bent over rowing.

DAY 6: Legs and Abs core exercise

Saturdays are for legs and abs core exercise

You can start with sits ups 4-5 sets of 15 reps each and you can do any of your favorite exercises on Saturday in the abs exercises there is a different type of crunches.

you can repeat this for 3-4 weeks then you are ready for the muscle groups oriented exercise on the daily basis.

so that’s is enough for the basic gym workout for beginners.

if you want to see a video for more clarity you can see this video

click here for video 







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